Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ode to My House Shoes

I love my house shoes.

They are so comfy and cozy.

It just feels wonderful to take off my shoes at the end of the day and slip into my fuzzy house shoes.

I also love slipping them on first thing in the morning when I get out of bed.

Mine are burgundy.

They are the kind that have the big cushion on the bottom.

They just make my feet feel good.

If I ever lose them or misplace them, I can't stand it.

I've gotta have my house shoes!

Don't even think about coming and stealing them from me.

You get your own!

I would hate to have to hunt you down and beat you up for my house shoes...but I will!

These are MY house shoes, and I LOVE them!

P.S. I could use a new pair for Christmas...mine are almost worn out!

What random item do you have that needs an "ode" written to it/them?


Lisa writes... said...

My coffee pot, no doubt about it!

Sandra said...

Ditto to the coffee pot. Maybe I should write a series of Odes! lol