Friday, April 24, 2009

My Baby is 15!!

My little Jordie turned 15 years old yesterday. I only call him little because he is the baby of the family. Justin was unable to come home for the celebration due to Chelsea not feeling well. So, we took the "party" to them. We went to Jacksonville, AL and visited them at her apartment. We had never been there and decided it would be a good time to see where they live. So these pictures were taken there.

We got Jordan a bass pedal for his bass guitar. It is supposed to make it sound different ways when it is played. He can also get a drum beat going and play to that. Since he is 15 now, we will soon be going to get his learner's driving permit. THAT is going to be a fun time! But, hopefully it will all go well, and he will be able to get some good driving experience before next year, when he will have it all on his own at 16.

So, I've included a picture of Jordan holding his cake and a picture of the cake itself. Now, what he really should have gotten for his birthday was a haircut!!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

My son would LOVE that cake!!!

Sue said...

I'm a little behind in my blog hopping, but Happy Belated to your "baby" ;-)

Looks like he had a good bday!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I've got a guitarist too! Mine is twelve and plays guitar, piano , trombone and drums. It's noisy here.

So hard to understand why time moves so quickly these days, how did they get to be so old? We haven't changed that much, have we?

That's a purdy cool cake there, I've never attempted such and never will :)

Sandra said...

Wow, mannequin! It sounds like we have a few things in common. My son plays alto sax and bass guitar. He has even been known to bang on some bongos a time or two. Between all this and Rock Band, it stays noisy at my house.

Time moves way too quickly! We are still the same on the inside. It's just our bodies that are protesting!

As for the cake, it's a bakery special. I probably paid a little too much for it, but it turned out pretty sharp.