Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Nice Distraction

Justin came home for the weekend. His band, Wild Tangent, had a "gig" at the local coffee shop. I think that they did pretty well considering they haven't played live very much. It was open mic night at Jamoka's in Boaz. This is a slide show I made of the performance. The music is Wild Tangent singing Weezer's song, "Say It Ain't So". Justin is the drummer, and Jordan, my youngest son, is sitting on the floor playing the bongos; It seems that he is multi-talented, as well as Justin. It was nice to forget about the distraction of our latest dilemma and just enjoy watching two of my sons entertain us. I'll post an update on Justin and Chelsea in another post later. Right now, just enjoy the show.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,
I'm thinking about ya and praying for ya! You are a smart, strong, woman and a good will all get through this and it will be ok! I know it does't seem so right now, but I do know that you will turn it into something good! Love ya! D

Sue said...

Glad you had a distraction this weekend. Very fun to see your kids performing I bet ;-)

Have a great Sunday!