Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Sound of Quiet on a Saturday Morning

Shhhhhhh! Do you hear that? It's the sound of an all quiet house on an early Saturday morning. I know. I should be in the bed, too. But, I decided to get up early so that I could enjoy some quiet time. I've put the coffee on, and I am going to eat a cranberry oatmeal cookie with my cup of java just as soon as it is all done.

I have never been a morning person. I would much rather stay up late. But when your house gets as loud as mine does at times, then you would understand why I choose to wake up early. It's Saturday morning, and I have already got quite a few things in my head that I want to get accomplished today. But for right now, I'm going to soak in the sound of quiet peacefulness. Our new pug is snoring. The heater is running and so is the fan in our bedroom that is positioned right off from the living room. Kevin likes to always sleep with the fan running. Summer or Winter, it doesn't really matter. It's just the soothing noise that we need to help block out any nighttime noises and distractions. And, I'm here, sitting in my recliner. Just taking it all in.

It is a rare occasion when I'm home alone. I am seriously thinking about taking a day off work to just stay home so that I can be by myself. I've thought about this. I should get up and get ready as if I am going off to work. Leave. And then, after my family has left for their schooling and work, then I would sneak back...and be home ALL BY MYSELF!! No one would have to know. They would think I went to work. Oh the possibilities! I could lie around and read, catch up on my DVR backlog, blog to my heart's content, Twitter, check on all my Facebook buddies, etc., etc. etc. Or, I could just do nothing. I think we all need a day like this from time to time. Just don't tell my family, or they will find a way to stay home, too. And what would THAT accomplish!


Sue said...

Sounds like you need to sneak off to my house... it's quiet ALL the time ;-)

I hope you enjoyed your morning before you were found out. Your cookies sound AMAZINGLY yummy... may I? I'll pass on the java though & bring my own tea!

Have a great weekend :-)

Louise said...

Sounds wonderful...I insist on being up at 6am every day except weekends, just to drink a cuppa and get my head ready for the 7 o'clock onslaught. Without that short 60 minutes alone I'm a head case!