Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Guilty Pleasure

Okay. I have been quiet about American Idol...until now. It is one of my guilty pleasures. I LOVE this show! My pick for this season is Kris. I have loved him since the beginning. I thought a month ago that the finale was going to come down to him and Adam. There was one week that I got a little worried about him, and it wasn't because he performed badly...but the judges made it SOUND like he performed badly. I think they have been trying their darnedest to get him off the show so that he wouldn't be a major competitor with Adam.

It really bugged me when they had the "duo" night. Did you notice how they placed them to perform? If I remember correctly, Allison performed her solo first. Next, Adam performed his solo. And then, they had Danny & Kris perform their duet. Right after that, Kris had to turn around and sing his solo, then Danny's solo, and the final performance was Allison & Adam's duet. HELLLLLO!!! All night Simon gave Kris negative comments and even said that Danny was better than Kris on the duet. It was totally unfair.

I know I am taking this WAY too seriously, but give me a break! AI thinks we are stupid and can't see that they have been promoting Adam to win since the beginning. And who even knows if they will be truthful with the votes? If they want Adam to win so bad, then all they have to do is say that he got the most votes, and that's it. The bad thing is I used to like Adam. But he has gotten extremely annoying in the last few weeks. He tries to be all humble, but you can tell that it's just an act. If you watch him here, you'll see what I mean. It's definitely not the Adam they have portrayed on American Idol. But apparently, that's what the judges find "entertaining".

But, after all this, Kris has fought through it and made it to the finale. At least American knows talent when they see it. So, we will know tomorrow night how it all goes down. I guess you know who I'm rooting for...


Sandra said...

OH MY!!!! Just after the finale and Kris won!!! I was pleasantly shocked!!! This makes me happy.

Sue said...

I agree with you totally! I was hoping for a Danny/Kris finale but was SOOOOO happy that Kris won! There was something just... dark and almost "evil" about Adam I found. I had a hard time watching him because something inside my spirit was eeked out by him. Poor kid... He needs Jesus!


Janna Bee said...

I think they are both talented, but I was excited to see Kris win! I hope he has a long career.

Adam isn't evil, he is just gothic. It's a style, not neccessarily a LIFEstyle. My two cents about the comment above.