Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Had An Epiphany

I had an epiphany this week. It didn't make me proud of myself, either. I realized that, as much as I would like to be like those that are, I am not a volunteer-y person. I have said that I need to get more involved in worthy causes. I have said that I need to volunteer in the band boosters and participate more in the football boosters, and the show choir program since my kids participate in them...but I hardly do. I admire those people who I always see at the various activities volunteering their time, doing what needs to be done. Believe me, I know these programs could not exist without those selfless people that will be there at the drop of a hat whenever they are needed. Am I just lazy? I hope not. I don't know if it is that I work full-time outside of the home. I know that some of these people do, as well. Yet, they manage to do it all. I can't even manage the little that I do do!

I do feel guilty. I think that is what has led me to this epiphany. If I just admit this to myself, that I am not this type of person, maybe it will help me not to feel like such a loser for letting my kids participate in these activities and not helping. Or, maybe if I just begin to make myself volunteer here and there then it will grow on me a little more. This is definitely an area that I need to make more of an effort in.

So, how do you manage? Are you one of these people that others can count on to be there? Or, are you like me: You would like to be able to be one of these people, but despite your best intentions, you just never get around to it? Any ideas will be much appreciated!


Sue said...

What a thought provoking issue Sandra!

My first thought as I read your questioning yourself and admitting where you are in this issue was to pray and ask God where HE wants you to be in relation to all this.

I am a Type B person with a titch of Type A. When I give out too much of myself (as you've read in my blog), the cranky pants come on and I'm no good to anyone. So I know that I must only do that which God wants me to do & not try & fill gaps that I see in places.

So first, ask God what He wants you involved in.

Second, when guilt comes you need to filter it through. Is this conviction because God asked me to do it and I'm not doing it? or is it false guilt from the enemy wanting to make me feel ineffective?

You have a busy life with full time job outside the home and full time job inside the home. Perhaps this is just not your "season" for volunteering. I know my sister just started volunteering as her youngest turned 20 and was out of the home most of the time.

Let's ask God together what He wants for you in this area!


bettyl said...

I'm not a volunteer-y type either simply because most groups don't know how to work together. We are ONLY involved in the Scouts here because if we weren't on the committee (half of the committee) the Scouts would not exist. We have tried to be 'helpful' at school functions, but there are always those 'soccer moms' who have to do it all themselves or have to direct everybody and I just can't deal with it. So we usually buy tickets or sponsor activities in the background.

Sandra said...

You both bring up some good points.

Sue, what you said really hits home. I haven't been as close to God as I need to be, so that probably is something that the enemy has thrown at me. I also work with a few people who seems to do so much good stuff that I feel a little inept around them. I'll try to take things a little more lightly and do as I can.

bettyl, I have experienced what you spoke about, too. Sometimes it is hard for me to let go and let someone else run the show, so to speak, especially if I know a much better way. It shouldn't take long to weed through those experiences and know the ones that we need to leave to the others.

Anyway, I'm gonna start small. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks for the input!

Lisa said...

Sandra, try as I might, I'm not a volunteery type person either. I have a friend who is so selfless, so giving, so unselfish that she makes me ashamed. And it comes so NATURALLY to her!! I figure that we're all different and perhaps I have some gift or talent that is helpful besides being a volunteer and being a Miss Thoughtful send-a-card type lady. I is what I is!!

Lisa writes... said...

I'm not one either...or, at least it doesn't come naturally to me. This year, however, I feel as if I finally woke up and realized I have the time (I'm a stay at home mom) and opportunity (my kids are in school), why not give of myself to help another? At first, and sometimes still, I didn't really WANT to--it felt strange and uncomfortable and WAY outside my comfort zone. But then I'll help a young pregnant mom at the crisis pregnancy center and I'll realize that serving the Lord, however small, is its own joy, that sometimes the joy comes in the doing and not so much before hand.

Not sure I'm making sense? :-)

Anyway, your earlier commenters are right on: everyone is different (thank goodness) and as you seek hard after the Lord He will lead you to a place of service, maybe volunteer-y, maybe in your workplace, maybe in your church--or maybe all three.

Sorry for hijacking your comments!

Sandra said...

Lisa (writes...) I'm glad to hear that you have to work at it, too. I know that there are some people that it is just in their nature to do volunteer stuff without a thought. It just seems to me that I have so much going on, and so much that I need to get done at home, that THAT is where I need to spend any extra time I have. It's not that I don't care, because I do. Hopefully, I can find my place in all of this. I'm definitely going to try!

Mike said...

Hi Sandra. It takes a lot of strength to admit something like this. And it says a lot about your character.
We have received a lot of stories about how people have volunteered for various things but that is not for everyone.
Your post reminded me of something Josh sent us. He had a realization that he can have a positive impact on the people he interacts with on a daily basis. You can watch his video here:

Thanks and have a great day!