Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Wish...

I could get my house de-cluttered.

I could get organized.

Justin would get a job.

I liked to cook.

I could manage my time more effectively.

I was debt free.

we could get our bathroom remodeled without having to do it ourselves.

I had a green thumb.

it would stop raining.

I could manage my money more efficiently.

I was better at housekeeping.

that life didn't have to be so complicated.

my mother-in-law were still here.

my father-in-law wasn't battling cancer...and without her.

we knew what happened to Marsh.

I was thin.

I had a new hair cut.

I had a new wardrobe.

Justin would get a good job.

my kids wouldn't grow up so quickly.

my husband didn't have mental problems.

my side of the family wasn't so dysfunctional.

Justin would get a good job.

What are some of your wishes? Feel free to leave them in the comments. That way, I won't feel so alone in my twisted mind! :)


jennifer said...

I wish I were thin.

I wish I could keep my house clean.

I wish that I could make a difference.

I wish that I were thin.

I wish that money was not an issue.

I wish that I didn't have wrinkles and thin hair.

I wish that I could write a book.

I wish that I could make bullies leave my kids alone.

I wish that I were thin.

I wish that I were brave enough to share the things that I REALLY wish on a day to day basis - besides the thin thing.

It's hard facing tough issues but I have always found that when I start feeling the lowest, I will see someone who has it worse than me. And then I realize that the burdens that I carry are what I am ABLE to carry, what I seem equipped to handle. I pray that this never changes.

Wow! First day to comment and I leave you a novel. Sorry.

I hope that you have a good week.

Sue said...

I wish you well with all your wishes ;-)

I wish I weren't so tired and burnt out so I could play "I Wish" with you more - ha ha

Have a great weekend! :-)

Loren Christie said...

Hi Sandra,
I have some big wishes.
First I wish there were no such thing as sickness and violence.
AND I wish the entire country would revolt against the biased media and shut off the news entirely.
I wish I could be a saint. (no joke)
I wish that, if I live to be a very old lady, I will not feel despair or be overtaken by a negative attitude.
I wish that your wishes come true...Loren

Sandra said...

Thanks so much for participating! After reading all your wishes, I noticed that some of your wishes are some of mine that I didn't think to write down. Yes, if only all our wishes would come true...

Janna Bee said...

I hope your wishes come true! As for me:

I wish I was thin
I wish I had a different boss
I wish we lived in a nicer house
I wish we had a maid, gardener and chef
I wish my husband had a more secure job
I wish my Mom didn't need physical therapy