Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Best Alarm Clock is Sunshine on Chrome

See this beauty? My hubby will be going to buy it on Monday. We are about to be bikers!! Gotta get me some leather! Well, probably not! But, it IS gonna be fun riding around with hubby this summer. So, watch out for us out there on the roads!


Sue said...

Sounds like a fun summer is in store. Be sure to wear a helmet ;-)

Sandra said...

I wouldn't think of not wearing a helmet, plus it's the law. It does kinda scare me as to how dangerous it can be, but I just have to overlook that and live a little.

jennifer said...

We had a Harley for awhile. I enjoyed riding with my husband. He sold it (decided our kids were a bit young to take extra chances) and we plan to buy another when they are out of High School. I wonder if my blogger booty will be too big by then?

Y'all have fun!

Sandra said...

Blogger booty, huh? So, that's what you call this big ol' thing on my backside! lol

I realize how the motorcycle can be dangerous. We are very careful and realize that it is the other drivers out there that we need to watch out for!