Thursday, June 25, 2009

How They Found Me

Ever wonder how people find your blog? I was checking my Feedjit blog visits today and noticing some of the odd search terms that brought people here. There were some that I just wished that I could respond to, but no way to know exactly who these people were. So, I thought that I would just do it right here, whether they read it or not. Here goes:

1. Norway arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE: In Memory of The Best Mother-In-Law Ever" by searching for Tribute to a mother in law who passed away.

Just to know that this person was looking for a way to honor their mother-in-law touched my heart in knowing that they probably feel the same way about their MIL as I did mine. I would like to tell them to be thankful that they had a great MIL, and although it gets a little better each day, the memories of her will always creep in at the oddest times. I hope that they found something on my post about my that helped them.

2. Matthews, North Carolina arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE: Monday Memories: Letters To My Children #7" by searching for letters to my children.

I hope that this person writes letters to his or her children the way that I did mine so many years ago. It is a treasure to look back on these when they are grown and to realize that some of the normal everyday occurrences are memories in the making.

3. Port Charlotte, Florida arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE: The Best Alarm Clock is Sunshine on Chrome" by searching for best alarm clock.

I wonder what this person thought when they saw the picture of my husband's recent "toy" purchase--his beloved motorcycle, a different kind of alarm clock, indeed!

4. Shenandoah, Iowa arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE: Diamond Dave's Ninja Training Video: Because You Always Wanted to Learn" by searching for diamond dave's ninja school.

I get several visits from people looking for Diamond Dave and his ninja-training video. I mean, it is comic gold. It's ALWAYS good for a laugh.

5. Islamabad arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE: Days of Future Past...Revisited" by searching for kind life in the future.

ISLAMABAD?!!! KIND LIFE IN THE FUTURE?!!! Is this a future suicide bomber checking on how many virgins he will have in his future "kind" life?! Imagine his surprise when he saw a high school show choir performance to the likes of Styx and Kansas!! lol (No disrespect intended, Mr. Islamabad, if you're reading this. I'm sure it was an innocent search.)

6. Waltham, Massachusetts arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE: It Happened 22 Years Ago Today" by searching for it is happened many years ago .

I wonder what happened many years ago that this person was so interested in. Maybe they were interested to know that 22 years ago was my wedding day. :)

7. Columbus, Ohio arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE: Puppy To Be Named At A Later Date".

This person must have found a pic of my pug, and it enticed them to check out my blog. I guess they learned that I had gotten a new puppy and was trying to decide on a name. Incidentally, we named him Weezer.

8. Batavia, New York arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE: Monday Memories: Letters To My Children #2" by searching for spanking my kids

I hope that his person realizes that spanking your kids is not a bad thing when done correctly. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Yes, I spanked mine...and they have turned out pretty well. To each his own...

9. Orange, California arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE" by searching for "life is kind with you".

Maybe this person found something useful and "kind" about my blog. They must have been searching for a poem or something.

10. Cwmbran, Monmouthshire arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE: Monday Memories: 3 Little Boys" by searching for three little boys.

I wonder if this is a mom trying to connect with other mom who have three little boys. I could definitely tell her a thing or two!!

11. Pompano Beach, Florida arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE: Of Boring Summers and Good Times" by searching for boring summers.

Ah! Summer and the boredom that comes along with it! Did this person get some ideas that would help them survive the summer? Perhaps they decided to get out and try some of the things that I spoke about in my post. I mean, it's summer! Get outside and use some imagination! It will be time to go back to school before you know it! Oh yeah...I just noticed. This person lives on a beach in Florida!! HELLLLO!!! I guess the grass is always greener...

Beachwood, Ohio arrived from on "A GROOVY KIND OF LIFE: Tough Love is So Hard To Give" by searching for mothers practicing tough love.

Is this mother going through the same thing that I was at the time I wrote this post? I hope she has better luck with practicing tough love than I did! After all, my situation worked itself out in a not-so-optimal way. I mean, there's nothing like throwing a baby into the mix to realize that it's time to grow up and develop some responsibility!!


bettyl said...

I wonder about the people behind my feedjit info, too. Mostly I get 'rude kiwis' searches, so it isn't just me!!

Thanks for sharing yours! I might steal your idea and post mine in the near future.

Sue said...

What a very creative post Sandra. Loved it and think it is really neat to see how people have wandered around the web, looking for one thing and finding little glimmers of Jesus' love and grace through your eyes and life :-D

Anonymous said...

It's always so fun to see how people find your blog. At least your searches weren't really out there. I've had some doozies!