Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Facebook Responses To My Monday Memories Post (FUNNY!)

For my Monday Memories this week I posted the following photo which shows 2 of my boys doing dishes when they were much younger:

I also thought I'd have a little fun and post the picture on Facebook, knowing that these 2 sons would see it because I made it a point to tag them in the photo. Here is the reponses I got on Facebook:

Ashlee Davenport
hahah look at chase! very cute(:
Yesterday at 6:34pm ·

Chase Rowell
yeah thanks mom
Yesterday at 8:06pm ·

Justin Rowell
Yea, for real. o_O
Yesterday at 8:10pm ·

Sandra Parris Rowell
I thought you boys might like this memory! I love you. :)
Yesterday at 9:17pm ·

Justin Rowell
That's not me. It's Harry Potter.
Yesterday at 10:45pm ·

Chase Rowell
thats not me its mcully culkan
Yesterday at 11:45pm ·

Justin Rowell
Mom just mislabled the picture.
Yesterday at 11:45pm ·

So, they have tried to pass it off as Harry Potter and McCauley Culken doing dishes in their underwear! Too Funny!!

Don't you just love when you can do this stuff to your kids? :)


bettyl said...

It's such a feeling of satisfaction! Good work, Mom!!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Stopped over to say thanks for stopping by my blog....seen this post and got the giggles!! I too am the only female in the house and yes that too includes the dog!!! My older two boys are now off to college and so the number of males actually living here has gone down...but there is still a boyfriend an eleven year old and a dog....up against me the one and only female!!! I so should find pics of them doing things like this and torture them too!!!! hehe Anyway love your site I will be back for more!!!

Anonymous said...

The picture is great - the comments are even greater!

LadyFi said...

Very funny! And actually, now that you mention it, they do kind of look like Harry P and McCaulkin!

BPOTW said...

That's such a hoot! Thanks for the giggles!

Pyzahn said...

When a parent can use technology to torment her kids, it makes cyberspace all that much sweeter.

Your family obviously has a great sense of humor.