Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Memories: Danceline Days

Me, Kelli, Sharon, Stephanie, & Melissa

This is the senior danceline members for the 1986-1987 school year. I stay in touch with Melissa and have recently reconnected with Stephanie on Facebook. We had some good time. I was on danceline my 10th-12th grade years. I was actually on the first danceline that my high school had. They had majorettes before this. We went on many fun trips. We performed in Coca Cola's 100th year celebration in Atlanta. We also performed at the Superdome during pre-game & half-time of a New Orlean's Saints/Atlanta Falcons game. Our band has always gotten superior ratings and has performed in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade 4 times so far (although I missed out on these). My son, Justin, was in the band when they went to Los Angeles and performed in the Hollywood Christmas parade. My husband and I made this trip with them. It was a blast. Justin also went on a Bahamas cruise with the band. The band attended another Bahamas cruise this past year that Jordan went on. And no, unfortunately, I did not attend the cruise trips. But, it just goes to show the confidence that the band leaders put in all these band kids to be able to take them on such neat trips. There are 200+ members in this band. I have posted a half-time show from my senior year. Enjoy!


Sande said...

I remember those hair do's :)

Sue said...

Wow... look at those sparkly gloves... did you get to keep those? hee hee

Seriously, how fun to have such cool memories! Thanks for sharing them with us :-D