Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Memories: Doing Dishes

Justin & Chase doing the dishes back in the day...
wish they still did them! :)

Chase & Justin NOT doing the dishes!


Sande said...

Oh that picture is soooo precious. Think of the milage that one will buy you when they're mature and famous and don't want the 'doin' the dishes in your underpants' publicity.

That is definitely a keeper that one.

Brandy said...

Good job mom teaching those boys domestic duties! The women in their lives will be grateful to you. I try to thank my mother-in-law often for teaching her boys that housekeeping is not the sole domain of women.

Love the Underoos too! Maybe posting this with threats for more incriminating posts will motivate them to do this dishes now! HA HA!

Sandra said...

Well, they don't do it now as often as I would like. As a matter of fact, they would rather do anything BUT the dishes. But, I have at least tried to teach them how to do dishes and laundry.

Too bad that my mother-in-law did all of her housework without relying on her sons...if you know what I'm getting at!