Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weight Loss Wedensday: Week 2 Completed

I'm a bit discouraged today because when I weighed this morning, I had gained back 1.4 pounds. Weight loss is such a struggle! I thought I was doing good, too. I had started walking more and drinking more water. I had cut way back on the colas and sweet tea, limiting myself to only a couple a day. Then, to step on the scale this morning and see that I have gained was such a downer.

I thought about giving up. But, I decided that that is what I have always done. I have always just decided that I would settle with how I was. It's too bad that I can't just be happy with the body that I have. Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Is that what I'm doing? Maybe. I know I should change things up more. I need to try harder. I need to make it a point to walk or exercise EVERY day, when AT ALL possible.

I also know that women's bodies are complicated. One day we are retaining water, and the next day we're not. OH! IT'S SO DADGUM HARD!!! I also know that a large part of weight loss is mental. There are so many factors to consider!! It just makes me want to throw in the towel. But, I can't. And I won't. Not this time. I must be determined that I can do this!

So, dear blogger friends, here I go on another week. I will strive to do the daily exercise. I will strive to consider how EVERYTHING that I put into my mouth is going to help or hurt me in achieving my goal.

And, I hope that I come back next Wednesday with a minus on that scale.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl. Don't give CAN do this.

If you noticed that your weight went up and you're still backing off on the soda and drinking your water, my next question to you would be: how big are your meal portions? Are you snacking while making dinner?

What ever you do...please do not give up! We all have good weeks and bad weeks in this weight loss business.

You can do it.

Sue said...

Hang in there Sandra. It probably was just retaining water! Don't get discouraged ;-)

Sandra said...

I don't think that my meal portions have been any larger than normal. However, there probably have been a few things mixed in there that I should have not eaten.

I'm just going to try to do better this next week. Maybe July 4th will not sabotage me!