Monday, August 17, 2009

Football and Marching Season

Sorry if my posts have not been very interesting lately. I have been swamped at work and have not had time to even contemplate anything that I would want to post about! I AM working on being more organized this school year. I have made a schedule that I am trying to stick to. I haven't gotten it down pat yet, but I am making progress.

It won't be long before I will be able to start posting things regarding the upcoming high school football season. In fact, Thursday night is the band's parent show. We will get to go sit at the stadium and watch the band members be introduced and then go stand in their formation to where they will begin the halftime show. This enables us parents to, hopefully, know which kid is ours when they have their hats and uniforms on. I must admit that I was not sure which one was mine about 80% of the time last year! This year Jordan will be up on the front playing bass guitar, so I will DEFINITELY know which one he is!

This Friday night our football team will be hosting a jamboree. It will feature our 9th grade, JV, and varsity teams playing Brewer. Ninth will play a quarter. JV will play a quarter. Then, our varsity will play the last half. This year our band will be sitting in the stands playing stand tunes during this time. And then, the following Friday night, it will all begin. I can hardly wait!! It will be bittersweet for me this year. Chase is a senior this year, so I know that y'all know what that means. That last game is going to be a killer! It is always so sad to watch your kid perform in their high school activities for the last time. I went through it with Justin. (He was in the band.) I made it surprisingly well when he ended his marching season. I even did better than expected when he graduated from high school. I think it is going to get harder, though, as my other kids follow suit. It just means that I am that much older, and it won't be too long before my kids will be out of the house and on with their lives. :*(

Okay. I'm not gonna think about all that now, or I will get REALLY depressed!! So, I leave you with one question...



~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Nothing like high school football!!!! My older two are in college now and my youngest is only in the 5th grade..but we still go watch a game or two.

jennifer said...

Yes yes yes! I am ready for some FOOTBALL!!

Donna said...

I am SO excited to get to go to a game tomorrow - I just hope it doesn't rain the whole time. I haven't been to an Enterprise game in over 25 years!

I'm so glad I found Alabama Bloggers - I had no idea there were so many from around here!