Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friday Night Lights #3: We Couldn't Pull This One Out

If you've been keeping up with my FNL updates, then you will know that this past Friday night was a big game for us.  It was our big rivalry from the city next to ours.  We have wanted  needed to beat them for awhile now.  When I was in school, we beat them EVERY year.  It wasn't an issue.  But, somewhere along the way, the tide changed, and we didn't know what hit us! I was really hoping that we could turn it around this year, especially since Chase is a senior.  I had hoped that his senior class would see victory over Boaz.  But, it wasn't meant to be.  We had so many turnovers!  I think Chase's little faux pas last week was long forgotten, especially since he caught a pass and also SCORED A TOUCHDOWN!!  He redeemed himself from the missed catch last week.  His catch put us in position to win the game.  It's too bad that we had another turnover after that.  But, life goes on, and the games go on.  We go to Etowah next Friday night.  I'm not sure how good their team is this year, but I'm sure they are pretty good because they usually are. So, stay tuned for my next FNL installment.


Sande said...

Intriguing. Like to go to a game once in my life I think.

Kathy said...

Good Luck!! How is Crimson Tide?

Sue said...

So sad for your team, Sandy... better luck next week! Go get 'em!