Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not Much Longer Now: Due Date Nov. 28

My sister-in-law and aunt gave Chelsea and Justin a baby shower this evening.  I'm always worried that no one is going to show up, but my worries were unwarranted.  We had a good turnout, despite the rain earlier today.  They got LOTS of stuff!!  Now we've just got to get it all back to Scottsboro because I know it won't all fit in her Bug.  I was able to get them a convertible baby bed.  It's in a flat HEAVY box.  Maybe we can trust Justin to be able to put it together correctly once they get it to their home???  I told Chelsea to supervise!  They bought some baby bed bedding this week.  Justin is still working, too bad it is still with the staffing agency and not the company that he is working for.  I'm hoping that will change.  They let some of the "temp" people go last week, but not Justin.  WHEW!  He's still there and a guy that came in when he did + another lady who was there before the both of them were.  Let's just continue to hope that Justin will continue to have a job for awhile...and that they will hire him full time.

Justin and Chelsea (Boy, I'm getting tired of writing both of their names. Let's see how I can handle this.  Jusea (pronounced Jus see). I think that will work.)  Anyway, Jusea have been attending childbirth classes once a week.  They have been watching films.  Chelsea said that she is getting nervous.  I told her she would be fine.  I hope all goes well with the delivery.  I mean, you hear about all these horror stories, and you think, that could happen.  But, let's not think that way.  I'm just gonna trust in God to take care of her and Millie.  Maybe I should throw a prayer in there for Justin, too! :)


rachel... said...

Those last couple of months are so special, all the planning and preparing and putting-together... Such an exciting time. Hope Jusea, and YOU, enjoy it! :)

Sue said...

Time is going so fast. Seems like just yesterday you were writing about getting your head wrapped around the situation and here you are... weeks away from being a Groovy Granny ;-) Glad the kids got some good loot to start off strong!