Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Fun Week at School a.k.a. Work

Our homecoming game was NOT a good one.  We got beat 37-7.  Bummer.  I don't know why we always play hard teams on homecoming!  We had rain and tornado warnings all around, and the game was delayed about an hour.  It wasn't quite as muddy as it was when we played Etowah, though.  But, you could see the water splash up when the players got tackled.  Chase got the breath knocked out of him during the last minute of the game.  He was okay. Thank God.  But, the funnest part of the week was the festivities leading up to homecoming night.

At my school we started out with "Hats off to the Aggies" day on Tuesday.  We all wore our hats to school.  And then, on Thursday we had "Roll Over the Wildcats" day.  We all wore our "biker" gear.  We were a scary bunch!

Recognize this chick?

On Friday, our senior football players visited classrooms to read the kids a book.  Those little kids had a blast...and I suspect those players did, too.  They got to see how those kids look up to them.  Since Chase is a senior this year :*(  , he was one who got to come.  Later, we had a pep rally at our school and the cheerleaders from the junior high came.  It was a fun week.

Here's a slideshow I made to recap the week.

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Mary Smith said...

This is great Sandra! I love your blog and I love the Rowell's!!!