Sunday, October 11, 2009

He'll Take You Back...

just like He has me many times. With all the things that have been happening in my life lately, I have felt Him trying to get my attention. But, I have been ignoring Him. Do you ever do that? I knew He was there all the time, yet I felt like I had let him down, and if I would just ignore Him, then I could go on handling things myself, when all I had to do was to turn to Him for help. He always takes me back, no matter what I've done or how I've treated Him. He loves you and me that much. Please continue to pray for me and my family.


jennifer said...

It's true Sandra. Though even more than taking you back, He was there all along. You just had to turn to face Him.

Prayers for you and your family definitely.

bettyl said...

He's good like that.

Andrea said...

I am so sad to say that I have so many times neglected the voice of the Holy Spirit. If only we could all realize the importance of hearing, listening, and yielding.

Thank you, dear friend, for your honest heart and this wake-up call to all who will hear.

In His Love,


By the way, I also live in Alabama.

Lisa said...

Sandra, that is so true. One song that really speaks to me about this is "Come on Back to Me" by Third Day. Here are the lyrics:

You’ve been hiding now for so long
Never understanding why
Running far away from the truth
And all along chasing after lies

I have loved you from the beginning
Long before you knew my name
Even though you’ve broken my heart
I’ll love you just the same
I’ll love you anyway

Never mind your worries
Never mind your fears
They can only take you far from me
When you feel there’s nowhere
Left for you to turn
Well, I got all you want
And everything you need
Come on back to me

Do you believe in second chances
Or in a love that never fades
Put your faith in what you can’t see
Just put your hand in mine
And I’ll show you the way

Sandra said...

Lisa--There's no telling HOW many times I have heard that song, but never really LISTENED to the words. This describes exactly how I've been feeling. I love Third Day. Thanks.