Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

That's the way things are going, lately.  Kevin is doing a lot better, as far as I can tell.  We go in the morning to the mental health center to start that process.  It will be good to finally get an evaluation done by people who know about this stuff.  So, this situation is moving right along now, but...

Justin called today and said that he doesn't have a job anymore.  He went in to work this shortened-already 3-day week today only to be told that they did not need any of the temps anymore.  So, he went back home.  He still technically works for the staffing agency, so he is going to talk to them tomorrow when he goes to pick up his check.  Maybe they will have something else for him.  He said that he really wants to find a job on his own.  That would be great.  Then maybe he could get benefits.  But, now is not the best time to be looking for a job.  I worry about him and Chelsea.  The baby will be here around the end of November, and I really hope he has a job way before then.  She is on Medicaid and WIC, so at least that is taken care of.  Please just keep them in your prayers. Pray that he will find the right job soon.

On a brighter note, it's homecoming week in Albertville.  We play the Ft. Payne Wildcats, who have beaten us about 9 times in a row.  I wonder why our homecoming is always scheduled with hard teams?  I mean, how fun is it to celebrate a loss at the homecoming dance?!  My boys are dateless this year.  That's fine with me!  Those homecoming corsages are expensive!  I asked them if they were going to the dance, and they both said that nobody goes to those.  Oh well.  Things have really changed since I was in high school.  Tomorrow evening will be the homecoming parade.  I'll take pictures and post some.  It's time to make this blog groovy again.


Sande said...

Just don't know where to start. Only missed a few posts and come back to find you up to your ears in ....... how are YOU going?

Most would still be running on adrenaline in situations like this but do you have someone to lean on .... someone in the skin that is?

When it rains it pours doesn't it.

Sandra said...

I'm making it. Some days are better than others. When hubby was going through the worse part of his stuff, I was thinking I needed some medication just to deal with HIM!

But, I've always been pretty good at looking for the bright side of things. And yes, I do have one really special friend, as well as my sisters-in-law, that I can confide in. They've got my back. Thanks for the concern. :)