Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!!!

I'm so sick of rain.  It has rained almost every day for the last few weeks.  I'm beginning to wonder if I should start looking for the Cullens around here because this is how I envision the way Bella described the rain in Forks.  The vampires would go there to live because there was little chance of them being exposed by the sunlight.  So, be on the lookout for some pale individuals with supernatural powers around here.

But, isn't it funny how the weather affects our moods?  It seems that most of the people I've talked to lately have been down and out, including me.  It's just a dreary state-of-mind.  I wonder if it is because God just wants us to appreciate things, like the sun.  It did briefly peep out today.  I noticed it.  I told the girls in the office to hurry up and look because it probably wouldn't be out for long.  I was right.  One girl, Cindy, that I work with said that all this rain makes her feel like everything is dirty.  She said that her floors get mud and wet stuff tracked in, and it doesn't do any good to clean them, because they are just gonna get that way again in a matter of minutes.  I heard another person mention that the animals were pairing up outside...waiting on the Ark, no doubt. 

It's just hard to have a good outlook when it has been so dreary.  We have sat out in a couple of football games right after a big storm and watched the players do their best to hang onto the ball all the while slipping and sliding in the mud.  There's another game tomorrow night, and I haven't heard how the weather is supposed to be.  Let me guess.  Rain.  I do remember hearing that it is supposed to get really chilly this weekend.  Maybe our first real feel of Fall? 

I'll take long as Mr. Sunshine comes along with it! 


Sue said...

Hope that rain dries up soon for you & lightens your mood!

Catherine Anne said...

Im so ready for the rain to pass. It does make me gloomy after a few days. I think we are clear for a while here. Yay

kiwimeg said...

I am so with you on the rain thing. We have had just the wettest winter this year - and the spring isn't a whole lot better (although it is fortunately warmer!) . . . am so looking forward to getting several fine days in a row!!

Loren Christie said...

LOVE the cat joke pic.