Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where Has The Time Gone?

Last night was our last home game of the season.  This also means that it was senior night. :-(  It was be Chase's last game at Aggie stadium.  This can't be right!  It was just yesterday that he was playing on the junior high team.  Wasn't it?  Maybe not.  But, time goes so quickly.  He said that he is ready for it to be over.  He just doesn't realize.  These people that he has gone to school with since kindergarten will go their separate ways.  Some, he will never see again.  It's like a family.

I remember my graduation.  It started raining at the last minute.  It was supposed to be held at the football field.  Instead, they had to move it all indoors while we waited under the breezeway.  I'm glad the plans changed that night, because I remember looking around at all my classmates and wondering if I'll ever see half of these people again.  Isn't it too bad that we often realize this stuff too late?  If only we'd had more time.  Now, through the miracle of Facebook, I have had a chance to reconnect with lots of those old classmates.  It has been wonderful.  Even if it is across the miles, I can keep up with what is going on with my friends.

So, last night they recognized the seniors at the football game.  I was dreading this night all season.  I did okay when Justin was a senior.  But, for some reason, it seems to be harder this time.  Maybe it is because I still had two others in school.  Now, I will be down to one.  Boy, I really will have a tough time when he's a senior.  I don't want to think about that right now!  I still have 2 years after this one.  Then, I'll be blogging again...if I can fight through the tears! 

Here are some pictures of my little boy who is growing up faster than I want him to! 

Chase #35 in 7th grade;   #26 Jose  (a fellow team mate)

Chase #11;   #23 Jose now;  (#60 is not the same kid in the picture above)

Chase's introduction during senior recognition last night
I Love You, Chase!!


Sande said...

Yup. We don't have baby boys do we ... we have men; just little ones

bettyl said...

They may grow up on the outside, but they will always be your babies! And, now it's time to see what the future holds!