Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let The Spoiling Begin

Hi. My name is Sandra. It's been 6 days since my last blog post. : )  It really seems like it has been forever.  My life has gotten soooo busy!  I thought that once football was over, things would be a little more laid back.  But then, along came Millie.  (A good thing, of course.)   And, I missed 2 whole days of work, which put me MAJORLY behind on things!  I still have not gotten caught up!  Work has been so hectic.  I have had teacher receipt books out the wahoo.  When I FINALLY got them processed, it was time for the teachers to turn them in again!  Next week, the kids and the teachers are out all week for Thanksgiving.  I am scheduled to work Monday through Wednesday.  I will probably take 2 of those days as vacation days, but I am going to use one of them just to get caught up at work.  It's amazing how much I can get done when no one else is there.  It's a whole different world at school when all is quiet.  That's not to say that I don't love all my teachers there.  I admire them for the job that they do.  I couldn't do it!  Just give me some numbers to work out, and I'm good.  They can handle all those little kiddos, the good and the bad.

I have been so frustrated with my cluttered, dirty home.  I come home from work.  I cook, although I've been trying to get out of THAT as much as possible, lately!  (I HATE to cook!)  Then, I try to get some laundry done, along with a little of all the other stuff that needs to be done.  Mix all that in with trying to stay caught up with "Dancing With The Stars" and "The Young and The Restless", and you can see why my house looks like it does.  I mean, I have to watch DWTS on my DVR before I hear a spoiler about who went home on the show.  And, as for Y&R, what would Jack, Victor, Katherine, Lilly, Daniel, Cane, (add more characters here) think if I couldn't catch up with their lives, at least weekly?!  I guess my priorities are a little out of whack...or maybe not.  I feel like I work hard.  I deserve some down time to enjoy some guilty pleasures, right?  Well, I did something today that I have never done before.  I splurged and hired my niece to come clean my house.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to come home to a clean, great-smelling home.  It was HEAVEN!!!  Now, I am paranoid that I am going to turn around and it is going to be messed right back it always is.  But, hopefully, it will stay this way for awhile.

So, tomorrow is Friday. TGIF!!!  Guess what?!  My baby, Millie (along w/her parents) is coming to stay for at least one night, hopefully two!!  I told Chelsea that I was gonna hold Millie the WHOLE time!  Chelsea said that she was going to sleep.  I said for her to just go ahead and sleep all she wants, I'll take care of that baby.

Let the spoiling begin!!  : )


Sue said...

You poor thing... having so much on your plate. I hope you had a fun visit with the kiddos and baby Millie. Can't wait to see pics as she grows :-D

Very cool too about hiring your niece. Why don't I think of things like that? lol

Kathy said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm not with my grandbabies on Thanksgiving but they will call and I will hear Baby Kaitlyn giggle and Savannah and J.J. say hey. Enjoy Millie while she is with you. Thanks Kathy.