Saturday, December 12, 2009

Notes To Self

Do you tweet?  I do.  I'm talkng about Twitter.  If you tweet, you can follow me.  Just look up "sandysmile".  You can "follow" celebrites who tweet, which is pretty neat.  Some that I follow are: Dr. Phil, Ryan Seacrest, The Ellen Show, Taylor Swift, and many more.  But now, back to the title of this post.  Today, while waiting at a Redbox kiosk to return a movie, I tweeted, "Note to self...Don't wait until 8:30 to turn in your DVD's at the only Redbox in your city."  Later, I found that NoteRobot retweeted my post.  It seems that NoteRobot's sole purpose is to retweet others' "notes to self."  So, I thought it would be fun to post some of the notes of what people are making to themselves.  The name after the @ symbol is the Twitter name of the person posting.  Some of these are hilarious.  Here goes...

(@shannonbigalke) Note to self. Coffee at 8pm = tasty, but not wise.  (I agree, especially if you are planning to go to bed anytime soon.  ~Me)

(@AlexxxCastro) note to self: never put hairspray in hair. leads to hair falling and looking Indian. (I would love to see that!    ~Me)

(@shazeinidris) Note to self ; Never love in vain

(@bnbllngsly) Note to self. Don't make fun of NJ at a holiday party in NJ. Not everyone shares your POV on the garden state.

(@sereeena) Note to self: never ever wear a "talk nerdy to me" t-shirt to work. EVER.   (Did this person get beat up?! ~Me)

(@razzberries) thats it! i am offically giving up on trying to be a ballet dancer! note to self: where did i even get tht idea?     (Never give up your dream!!   ~Me)

(@Busymom) Note to self: a little food coloring goes a long way.

(@amyjrocks) Note to self: marry someone decisive. Otherwise we will get nowhere in life.

(@luvskinnyjeans9) note to self: u hav got to stop stuffing finger sandwhiches in ur purse. XD   (Too many office parties, maybe???    ~Me)

(@HelenMelon27) Note to self: if the dust bunnies sit up and beg, you've let vacuuming go for too long...
(HA! I can relate!!! ~Me)

And the best note of all:

(@phelippa) Note to Self: Remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. (Amen!    ~Me) 


Bombshell BLISS said...

I don't tweet. I'm just not sure what I would ever say.

bettyl said...

Those are really funny! It's so bizarre where your words in cyberspace will end up!

Lisa writes... said...

I tweet but I'm thinking you already knew that... :-)

Note to self: this stage of life too shall pass and far more quickly than you think it should...