Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's on Your Christmas List?

Isn't it funny how the types of items on our Christmas lists change over the years of marriage?  When we were first married, I DID NOT want to get any type of household items from my husband. (i.e. vacuum cleaners, coffee pots, toasters, etc.)  I felt that he should get me some type of personal gift. (i.e. jewelry, jewelry, or jewelry)  :)  But, I'm here to tell you, after 22 years of marriage, I want a dishwasher for Christmas!!!  I wouldn't mind some jewelry, too.  But, after years of hand washing dishes, a dishwasher would be heaven!!  It would save me so much time.  Time that I can spend blogging or on Facebook or catching up on some DVR shows.

Well, this evening I set the plan into motion.  I'm not very picky.  I just want a dishwasher that will work.  I went to Facebook and posted, "I want a dishwasher for Christmas.  Anyone know of a good deal on one?"  Later tonight, one of my former co-workers commented my post and said that she had one for sale for $50 that still works fine.  She had just gotten a new one.  I jumped on that mighty quick!  We are going to pick it up tomorrow!!!!  I have an idea where it will go, I just hope that it is not too hard to get it all situated and working.  It will be an early Christmas present, but hey, I've been waiting for this for years!


Catherine Anne said...

Yes I got a vac last year and LOVE it!!!

Kathy said...

I just ask my husband for a gift card to where I want to shop and and I will be happy. Have a Merry Christmas Sandra, And you are going to have a better New Year This Year!! Thanks Kathy.