Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let It Snow! A Tale of Milk and Bread

I guess you can guess by the title of this blog post that I am looking for snow.  Snow is in the forecast for northeast Alabama, and I could not be more happy about it!  It is a rare event here, where all the conditions must be just right.  Well, it seems that they are.  At least, I hope that they are right!  We have been disappointed many times in past Winters when the weather people have forecast snow, only to awaken to just cold.  But, so far this year, they have been pretty much correct.  Also, it has already snowed a dusting, that they predicted, just a few weeks ago.  That's another thing that makes me put more stock in their forecast this time.  Around these parts, (like my "Southern" talk?) it doesn't snow until February, March, or even April!  The biggest snow that I have ever seen was the Blizzard of 1993...and it happened in March.  I think the school kids were our for Spring Break!  Of course, mine were just toddlers at the time.

Just the mention of the "S" word in my "neck of the woods" (aren't you impressed with all my Southern sayings?) is enough to get E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E around here to head to the grocery store.  Gotta get our "snow groceries," after all!  And, once you get inside the store, you will find that the milk and the bread is depleted!  There's a running joke around here that the weatherman and the milkman are in cahoots (there's another one) with one another.  I can just hear it now...

Milkman (calling the weatherman):  Well Joe, the price of milk has gotten so high that sales are down.  I also have a butt-load of bread that I need to sell before it goes stale.  Do you think you can help a lowly ol' milkman out?

Weatherman:  Sure, Mike.  I'll just call for maybe a flurry or two.  Do you think that will help?

Milkman:  It sure will, Joe!  You remember how they flocked to the store for milk and bread the last time you did that.  I had to make 2 runs to the same store in one day!  It sure helped my commissions!  You know, a guy needs those every now and then.

Weatherman:  You got it, ol' buddy. Anything to help out a friend!

They have already cancelled school for tomorrow and Friday.  And, if you are reading this from somewhere other than Alabama, you will think that's crazy.  But, we are just not equipped to deal with snowy, icy roads around here.  It doesn't happen enough to warrant the purchase of all the equipment it would take to truly be prepared.

So, now we wait.  We wait to see when it will start, and we wait to see how much we will get IF it does.  WHEN it does, I'm prepared.  I've already bought my milk and bread!

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Anonymous said...

Everybody is hoping for snow down here in SE GA. It's not going to happen. But I'm fully prepared to eat my words...