Thursday, January 7, 2010

A True Auburn Fan's View of Tonight's Game

Tonight is a big night in the state of Alabama.  I'm not talking about the snow, either.  The Alabama Crimson Tide will be playing for the national championship.  To an Auburn fan like me, this is not a big deal...unless Alabama gets beat.  You heard me correctly.  I know, I live in Alabama.  Alabama is in the SEC, and I should cheer for all the SEC teams in their bowl games, but I just can't do it in this instance.  There are some fans that say, "I'm for Alabama and Auburn, except when they play one another."  But, I say, "I'm for Auburn and anybody who plays Alabama."  I would even go as far to say that you are not a true Alabama fan or a true Auburn fan if you say otherwise about your team.  Not in this state.  You must claim your allegiance once you cross that state line.  Are you Alabama or are you Auburn?  There's no in-between.  Not in this state.  It is one of the biggest rivalries in college football when the two play each other in the Iron Bowl.  And you never know how the game will turn out.  One of the teams could be having the worse season ever, but when both teams step on the field, that doesn't matter.  And everyone knows it.  Auburn came out this year with both barrels blazing.  There were some worried Alabama fans, and the Auburn fans were ecstatic at how well Auburn was playing.  Too bad that Auburn couldn't keep it up and win the game...but there's always next year. 

From what I've heard, Texas is the underdogs in this fight.  And to my Alabama friends and family, I love you, no matter what.  But, I can't end this post without saying,


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