Wednesday, April 14, 2010

She's Growing Up

Millie was 5 months old on 4/10!  Can you believe it?  I never dreamed there could be such a sweet little thing as she.  I get to see her about once a week.  She smiles a lot, laughs sometimes, and makes little noises like she's trying to talk.  Justin said the other day that she was whining, and it sounded just like she said "Grannnnnnda".  I know she's still a bit young for that, but we can pretend, right?


rachel... said...

Oh my goodness, Millie is adorable! I love the picture of her in the Easter basket!

Sue said...

She is precious Sandy!! What bright eyes :-D Such a happy baby it looks.

She is one month older than my niece's triplets!! I try to get out to see them/help her once a week or so too. I am SO in love with those 3 little ones... can't even imagine what you feel as a Grandma!!


Sandra said...

Thanks, girls! The Easter basket picture is one of my favorites. I have goten a lot of compliments on that one!

Loren Christie said...