Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three Homeruns and We Missed Them All!

It has been a crazy, busy week! Tuesday I took off of work early so that we could head out to Atlanta. Jordan and the Albertville High School Marching Band had a wonderful opportunity to play their half-time show in the outfield before the Braves game. It was all part of their fundraising efforts to support their trip to Pasadena at the end of the year for the Tournament of Roses parade. Here's a picture of them getting ready to play.
We were having a bite to eat at the time, so I could only get a picture from the back, but it is still pretty awesome, don't you think?  If you look to the far left, Jordan is the second person standing there.  He is dressed in all black, and he has his legs spread out. He said that walking out on that field was an awesome experience.  They weren't allowed to move around in their formations, but that didn't matter.  They sounded great!  The president of the Tournament of Roses parade accompanied the band to Atlanta, and he was honored to get to throw out the first pitch. 

The game lacked a lot of action, and the Braves were losing 3-0 against the Philadelphia Phillies.  During the bottom of the 9th inning, we decided to begin making our way down to the bottom and towards the car.  Unfortunately for us, we missed seeing 3 Braves homeruns and seeing them get he win.  Just our luck.  But, I'm glad that they were able to win it.  I guess we had jinxed them sitting there watching.  That's what I keep telling myself, anyway!  My boys were almost sick about it, because we could hear the commotion each time there was a homerun, but we just didn't get to SEE it!  So, maybe we will get another opportunity to go back soon. 

I'm still recovering from that late night out.  We got home around 12:15 a.m., and I went to work the next day.  I've been going full-speed ever since.  I'm hoping I can get rested up soon, but it's looking like a busy weekend, as well.  So now, I leave you with one last picture of the band performing. 

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