Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Yellow Story

Pollen!  I know it's important.  I watched A Bee Story.  But, dang!  Does it have to be so hard on us humans?!  This time of the year use to not bother me, but I can tell I'm getting older.  It seems that I have developed some allergies to all the yellow particles floating through the air.  I had not had a cold all winter.  (I can say that now because it's already Spring. I didn't want to jinx myself before.)  Now I have the itchy throat and runny nose that comes with the season.  I have heard that if one eats honey that was produced locally, one can tame the allergic reations to pollen.  So, I'm on a quest to find some of this "magic" honey...either that or Zyrtek, I've heard, works especially well.  But, oh!  How I love Spring!  I've been waiting so long for these gorgeous days that we've been having.  It has been just beautiful.
So, now I leave you with a great picture. Happy Spring!

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