Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Classic Commercials: A Trip Down Memory Lane

I love YouTube. You can find almost anything on there.  I have particularly enjoyed revisiting my childhood through some of the commercials from back in the day.  I posted on Facebook that I never write/type the word "bologna" without singing the song.  You remember?

Do you know how to build a Big Mac?

Let's get Mikey!

Hey, Kool-Aid!!

I loved Slinkys, but mine always ended up warped!

Hey kid, catch.

Ah, Good Times!  I love taking trips down memory lane.


bettyl said...

Such great nostalgia! I stay away from YouTube simply because I can see it taking up ALL of my time!

Sue said...

Oh Man... I remember so many of those. Remember when the rumor was there that Mikey died... because they took his Life away - ha ha.

Gotta wonder whatever happened to him really... and that Oscar Meyer kid too - he was a cutie! hee hee

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!