Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello. My Name Is Sandra, & I'm a T.V. Junkie

I've become a t.v. junkie.  I don't know exactly when it happened, but rest assured, it has.  I have had a DVR for quite some time, but lately, I just cannot get around to watching EVERYTHING that I want to!  First of all, there is The Young & The Restless.  Most of the time I try to watch it every day when I get home from work.  Then I have to make myself cook supper.  (I hate to cook.)  Then there's the little matter of cleaning up the kitchen, doing laundry (so that family members have clean underwear the next morning!), and anything else that comes up.  But, all I really want to do is sit back in my t.v. room in DVR bliss. 

Let's see. What's on there now?  Hmmm, I know there are 3 episodes of Glee.  I refuse to watch them until I can see the one that preceded them, which was not recorded.  That means that I will have to visit before I can start watching them.  I also record Ellen everyday, and then I will delete it if I see that none of the guests interest me.  Most of the time they do, so I have to find time to watch that.  Granted, it's not beyond me to FWD through the less interesting stuff to get to the good stuff.  I also love home decorating shows. You wouldn't know it by the looks of my house, but a girl can dream...

I've recorded a few movies, also.  One of my all-time favorites, Mr. Holland's Opus, is worthy of another viewing by me.  It's been awhile since I've seen it.  The Pursuit of Happiness is one that I've been wanting to see.  My family would never watch it with me, so now I have it on my DVR for that perfect moment to kick back, relax, and watch it.  I will, even though it's been on there for about 3 months!!  I'll get around to it.  Just last week I watched The Sound of Music.  It was 4 hours long, so I just broke it up into segments, but I finally finished it.  I had never seen it, something that many of my friends could not believe.  There are several old movies like that that I would like to sit down and watch.  You know, those movies that everyone always talks about, but you've never seen?  It makes me a little ashamed to say that I haven't seen some of the classics. 

I was totally hooked on American Idol.  I had to give up on Dancing With The Stars because, somewhere along the way, it began conflicting with something else I was watching.  Oh, I remember.  It was The Biggest Loser.  All 3 of those were on at the same time, so one of them had to go. You can only record 2 shows at the same time and, despite its name, The Biggest Loser won out.  I watched it to try to stay motivated on my weight-loss journey.  There was a point where I had given up on my weightloss, but I was too commited to the contestants and their journey that I had to continue watching to see who pulled it out.

Now, America's Got Talent, and Losing It With Jillian have taken the places of AI & TBL.  We go from one right into another.  I told you that I'm hooked!  It's a wonder that I even have time for Facebook, housework, and this blog! So, if I don't post everyday, you'll know that I'm back in my t.v. room trying to "clean off" the space on my DVR so that I'll have room for more!   


Sue said...

Hi Sandra! *said like those in recovery to welcome a new member* hee hee.

I feel with ya girl! I too have my DVR running double duty some days. I think Tuesday nights were that for us... we had DWTS/AI competing, and then Lost/Glee... and finally Parenthood had the PVR to itself.

I come from a very tv-oriented family. I am learning to wean myself off and have to really choose to turn the tube off and listen to music some evenings when my regular shows aren't on. I used to just watch anything for the sake of watching anything.

Happy viewing and hopefully you'll catch up soon ;-)


Iva said...

Thank goodness networks are putting their episodes online to watch. That is what I did this season with Parenthood. After hogging the DVR for two hours with TBL, I couldn't hog it a third hour - hubby just wouldn't stand for it! LOL

Southern Fried Gal said...

I was quickly becoming a junkie, too so I made a vow last year to not take on any new shows. I even gave up DOOL - I've watched it since I was born - ha! Slowly but surely I'm phasing TV out (and replacing it with social media - I'm no saint). Although I'm taking a vacation from my phone today so I can get caught up on blogging and other office work. It's a never-ending cycle, eh?

Have a blessed weekend!

Brandy said...

I sooo know what you're talking about. I have episodes of "Fringe" on my DVR that go back to April. I've somehow managed to keep up with "Glee," but, like you, have given up on other shows because they either conflicted with something else I wanted to watch or I just lost interest in them. It doesn't help that our TVs seem to be programmed to show cartoons 24/7, which means I never get the chance to watch anything I've recorded.

jennifer said...

I discoverd Glee on video and won't watch them on TV until the next boxed set comes out. I guess that makes me a video junkie :)

I love the photo on your sidebar of the "The pose with the baby." That is fabulous!

rachel... said...

Hey, there are worse vices, right? I'm kind of a tv junkie, too, although a lot of my faves just ended for the season.