Friday, July 23, 2010

Six Flags or Bust!

Last Friday we took a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia.  We had a great time...but, it WAS SO HOT!!!  I am not one to complain about the heat.  I am a summer person.  But, when I have to be out in it all day, THAT'S a different story.  I survived without having a heat stroke!  (It's a wonder.)

We decided to ride all of the roller coasters first. I had made a pact the last time I visited Six Flags that I would NEVER ride the Ninja again.  It wasn't because it was scary.  It was because it jerked my body so much, and the seats were uncomfortable when you have a big butt and big hips like mine!  So, that is the only coaster that I declined.  I did add another coaster to the "do not ride ever again" list.  The Great American Scream Machine.  These older coasters were obviously designed for skinny butts!  I could not concentrate on the ride because it was so dadgum uncomfortable.  I'm sure I stil have bumps and bruises! 

My absolute favorite ride was The Goliath.  20 stories high with speeds of 70 mph.  It was smooth, just like I like it.  My body fit into the seat just right.  It was scary, too.  Several times, I arose out of my seat during the zero gravity & floating drops.  I kept hoping that that bulky triangle thing that locked me in would not give away.  If so, I would've gone flying over Atlanta. 

My second favorite ride was The Superman.  You sit down.  (Another comfortable ride)  Get fully strapped & locked in.  (Always a plus)  And, then they flip you over to where you are facing the ground. Then you take off as if you are flying.  It was awesome!  So fun!  I love roller least the comfortable smooth ones.

So, after we made it through all the roller coasters, there was one more ride that I wanted to do.  The Monster Mansion, formerly The Monster Plantation.  I have ridden through it many times in the past.  Chase and Jordan boarded the boat in front.  Kevin & I were in the middle.  And, a lady with her two small kids sat behind us.  Can I just say that The Monster Plantation is not necessarily kid-friendly?  When your boat takes the "wrong turn", as according to the sheriff monster, you are greeted with darkness, eerie sounds, and red eyes.  Those two little kids behind us were terrified.  My two teenage boys were making comments like they were scared, just trying to be funny.  But, let me tell you, right before we exited the tunnel, red-eyes glowed out of a huge mouth we were entering, and a loud air horn blasted my boys almost out of their seats!  It was the funniest thing!  They cracked Kevin & me up, as well as the lady behind us with the 2 terrified kiddoes.  I thought, out of all those roller coasters, who would've thought that The Monster Plantation would have been the scariest ride? 

We had a wonderful time...aside from the unbearable heat.  I highly suggest a trip to Six Flags if you never been.


Joyce said...

Thanks for sharing! I haven't been on roller coasters in years. Hubby's company picnic was at Great America a few years ago, and we went, but had a baby in tow, so that didn't mix with the heat, and long car ride there so we didn't go on any rides. Next time for sure. Glad you had fun!

- Joyce

Brandy said...

I always loved the Monster Plantation. That's where we'd go when we needed to cool off for a bit. After riding it, we'd try Thunder River hoping to get soaked. Of course, that was back in the day before I detested long lines and unbearable heat.

Michelle said...

You are BRAVE! Just looking at that roller coaster photo gives me sweaty palms! My kids wish they had a mom that LIKED roller coasters :)Nice visiting with you!

Rachel Anne said...

I feel silly for saying that roller coasters scare me. You made them sound awfully fun.....and everyone I know loves them. But heights? No thanks! That one that's 20 stories made my palms sweat just looking at the photo.

Six Flags over Texas is hotter than blazes this time of you get extra points for braving this southern heat! Hat's off to ye.

Jen said...

We went to Six Flags Over Texas a few weeks ago. It was hot, but we tried to do some of the water rides in between. We went with our 2 little girls, so we didn't do the big coasters. It was so fun doing the little things with the girls -- maybe next time, though, we will just go for us!

jennibell said...

Sounds like fun, fun, fun! I'm not much of a roller coaster fan but if the kids want to do one I will try to get up the nerve to do it with them. I'm so glad, though, that they are getting older and can ride with one another and not depend on me so much :) As I get older even elevators that stop too many times make me dizzy so I don't think there is much hope for me anyway. I will keep Six Flags in mind for my bunch if we're ever near one! Thanks for sharing.

rachel... said...

Fun! We took the kids to a Six-Flags-type amusement park this past week. I didn't realize how old I was getting until faced with these giant roller coasters that 10 years ago I would have stood in line for HOURS to ride! I did get on one of my old favorites, and let me tell you, halfway up that first hill I was regretting it. It was super fun, though, because it was my daughter's first roller coaster!

Sandra said...

Rachel, I hope she enjoyed her first coaster ride. :D