Friday, October 8, 2010

Then vs. Now: Some Things Change; Some Things Remain The Same

So, I thought it would be interesting to go back to last year's post around this time and see what was going on in my life a year ago.  I had posted it on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2009.  Let's compare then to now:

Then:  My husband had been going through a tough mental breakdown.  We were so frustrated that we couldn't find someone to help him.  We had an appointment with the local mental health center.

Now:  He has been going to the mental health center regularly since then.  He is on 3 types of medication.  This medication has affected his personality in that he doesn't cut up with people like he once did.  I miss that part of him, but I am glad that his mood stays pretty much the same instead of up and down.  He was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.  Last week he ran out of one of his meds, and I didn't realize it for about 3 days.  I quickly went and got them refilled, but I think I am seeing the effects right now because he has been complaining a lot.  Hopefully, he will be better in a day or so.  He hurt his back a couple of weeks ago, and he missed some work.  He's back to work now, but he says that his back is still hurting.  He is not happy with his job.  I hope most of this is more to do with the mental aspect of it and hoping that it works I said above, in a day or two.

Then:  Justin had lost his temp job, and he had a baby on the way, due towards the end of November.

Now:  A couple of months ago, Justin FINALLY got a full-time job that he can live with!  Chelsea has gone back to school at night, and she has quit her Ruby Tuesday job.  My precious granddaughter was born a little early, November 10, due to Chelsea's blood pressure being too high.  Millie is even sweeter than I could ever have imagined.  They still live in Scottsboro, but I get to see them about once a week.

Then:  It was homecoming week & Albertville was gearing up to play Ft. Payne.  My boys did not have dates to homecoming, which was fine with me.

Now:  I just got in from another game against Ft. Payne.  They beat us 49-18.  It wasn't homecoming.  That comes up next week.  So far, I don't have to worry about buying a corsage for a date, either. 

So, that's the update.  Some things have changed, but some things remain the same.  Very interesting.


rachel... said...

It's funny the give and take, some things are harder, others are much better than they were last year. I have to say that Millie must be the best difference of all! She's just adorable, Sandra!!

Sandra said...

How I agree! :D