Saturday, November 13, 2010

Frugal Crafty Christmas Decor

I recently took a trip to The Dollar Tree.  Everything there is $1.  They have some neat stuff in there, and they have lots of Christmas decor.  They even have a small section of crafts.  It just so happens that I was browsing through a local floral/home decor store and I found some Christmas gift bags on sale.  The bags were very beautiful.  I bought some that were 79 cents each, and I bouth some smaller ones for 49 cents each.  Their regular price was much higher.  My mind got to thinking of other ways to use these bags other than to deliver gifts.  What if I cut out the picture on the bag and framed it?  It could work.  So then I went to The Dollar Tree and I found even more gift bags that would make good pictures.  I also found some unfinished frames to put my new "pictures" in.  Now, wanna see what I did & how it turned out?  Okay, here goes...
I took this gift bag:

And this frame:

I used the glass from the frame to cut out the picture:

I painted the frame with acrylic paint:

Then I put it together:

It needed something more:

Here's the finished product!

I also made a smaller one with a Christmas card that I had leftover from a past year:

The frames for $1 each.
The gift bag was $1.  (And, it still has another side for another picture.)
I already had the acrylic paint.
The 3-pk glitter paint was $1.
The Christmas card was free.

See, it doesn't have to take a lot of money to decorate for Christmas.  I can't wait to come up with some more frugal decor!

I've linked up to Hope Studios' Tutorial Tuesday.  Go visit for more great ideas that you can try!

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jennifer said...

I LOVE thrifty decorations and those are very pretty too! Great idea.