Sunday, January 2, 2011

He's Almost Home!

Six hours left until Jordan gets home from his California trip! Yay! He's been gone for a week!  I know that he's homesick, and I'm ready for him to be home. He's such a good kid. I spoke to him today before he got to the airport. He sounded stuffed up. He said that he had lost his phone somewhere yesterday, probably on the bus when they went on the Hollywood tour. Maybe someone will find it and can figure out how to get it back to us.  (It's dead.)  I tried calling him last night, and it went straight to voicemail. Oh well, as long as I have my son back...that's all that counts.

I'm tracking his flight's status online right now.  AirTran Flight #1941 is over Texas & heading into Oklahoma.  It is 39,000 feet in the air and traveling at 617 mph. They are 902 miles from Atlanta where they will board buses to return to Albertville.  He should be in around midnight! 

Our chihuahua, Carnell, will be so excited, too.  He LOVES Jordan. He mopes around the house when Jordan is gone, and he howls at night when everyone goes to bed. He usually sleeps with Jordan, but this week he has had to sleep with Chase.  But, no doubt about it, Jordan is his pick of the whole litter family.  He will be ecstatic when Jordan comes in tonight.  Maybe I should record it on video.  We'll see...if I can keep myself awake until then! 

I'll leave now by wishing you a happy New Year!  May it be all that you dream it will be.

HAPPY 2011!!!

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