Thursday, July 21, 2011

STILL a Mystery!

Chelsea went for her next ultrasound yesterday.  The little booger still would not uncross its legs!!  We STILL do not know that sex of this baby!  As someone said, "I guess it's gonna be very modest."  Oh well.  As long as "it" is healthy, we'll have to just be surprised.  I don't know if she'll have another ultrasound or not.  She wants to have one of those new 3D or 4D ones.  Those are pretty neat.  You can really tell how the baby will look. She had this one done at the hospital.  And, since the doctor was not at this one, the nurse doing it said that she couldn't tell them anything about the fluid level.  They were disappointed at that...and still worried.  They will have to wait on the doctor to get the report.  The nurse did tell them that if something was wrong, they would probably hear something by the end of the day.  At least they never did. 

Chelsea gets so stress out about things.  She is still taking classes for a major in secondary education.  She stresses out about tests and homework so much.  I told her that it wasn't good for the baby, and to try to relax.  Maybe she will.  She deals with mental illness, like my husband, so I worry about her.  She is a great mother, though.  I just pray all will turn out fine.

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