Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Family Update

Me:  Chugging right along.  Getting used to the new responsibilites at work.  I have some great friends/co-workers that have helped me to get through it.  We are there for each other.  They make going to work something to look forward to.  I do love my job.  It just has those moments when I want to scream.  Guess that's the case with most jobs, anyway.

Kevin:  Had a little bout with unemployment.  Finally found another job.  Found out he had diabetes
about 3 months ago.  That's under control now.

Chase:  Still working at a hardware store.  Still going to the local community college.  Still doesn't know what he wants to major in. 

Jordan:  High school senior year.  Where has the time gone?  Friday night is senior night at the football game.  My baby boy is grown up. :'(  This football season has flown by.  He takes the ACT test Saturday morning.  Hope he scores high.  Need a good scholarship! 

Justin & Chelsea:  He's still working at a carpet mill.  Chelsea is 36 weeks along in her pregnancy.  It won't be long now.  We are gonna have another granddaughter real soon.  Madelyn Rae Rowell, aka Maddie.  Millie and Maddie.  :)

Millie:  She will be 2 on November 10.  The other baby is due November 15.  This should be interesting.  Millie is really beginning to put words together and make cute little sentences.  We taught her the most important phrase...Waaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr Eagle, Hey!  See the cute video...


Brandy said...

Wow, I didn't realize granddaughter number two would be here so soon! Love the name! I bet Millie will be a great big sis.

With regards to Chase, try not to worry too much about him settling on a major right now.

I had an adviser in college who recommended the first two years of college be used to explore all of your interests so you can discover what really, really makes you happy and what you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life. Most schools will allow your to hold off on declaring a major until your junior year for this very reason.

Looking back, I think that was solid advice because I didn't feel like I needed to rush into getting on the fast track.

I have a feeling Chase - especially since he's a middle child - may just need to do a bit of exploring in order to discover what his life's calling is.

Sandra said...

Thanks, Brandy. I'm concerned about Chase because it won't be much longer before it will be his junior year. He's at Snead right now. He and Jordan have been joking about going to JSU together. Actually, that is not beyond the realm of possibilty. :)