Friday, May 6, 2011

Angels Among Us

I still can't get the recent storms/tornadoes off my mind.  I have heard some horrific things, but amidst all this someone told of this story that was an awesome miracle.  Here it is as it was posted:
One of my coworkers has been going over to Pleasant Grove a good bit to volunteer. And amid all the disaster stories (trust me, there's a lot), one really stood out to me. Some volunteer workers found a 3 year old baby in a cooler. It had been surviving inside for 4 days. They found the cooler, by chance, while pulling it from the rubble of one of the many destroyed houses in the neighborhood.
They got the child out of the cooler and after making sure it was ok they asked, "How did you get in that cooler?"
The baby responded: "The man with the wings put me there."


Sue said...

Oh Sandra... I got chills reading that. He truly is a "Shelter in the time of Storm" isn't He?!


bettyl said...

I love angel stories about kids because they usually aren't devious or smart enough to make up such wondrous stories. He is always there at the right moment!

Loren Christie said...

What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it.