Friday, July 24, 2009

My Boys' Grocery List

When I came home from work today, my boys had a request. It was a simple, "Can you please go to the grocery store today?!" I guess that means that they were hungry and nothing that I had in the fridge or the pantry was very appetizing to them. Their request had some stipulations with it, too. So, I decided to share their "grocery list" along with my thoughts on each request.

1. Anything we can eat when you're not here.
(So, that would be anything that I buy, right?)

2. Snack food, such as snack packs, lunchables, dunkaroos, peanut butter crackers, peanut butter.
(Snack packs/lunchables are not worth the price when it would take more than one per TEENAGE boy to know that they even ate anything! Dunkaroos may be a possibility. Peanut butter crackers and peanut butter, that I can do.)

3. No more hotdogs or noodle cups.
(Do you sense that they have eaten A LOT of these?! :) )

4. Foods to eat late at night.
(Again, wouldn't this be ANYTHING that I buy?!)

5. Cereal and milk. REESE'S PUFFS, LUCKY CHARMS.
(My boys go through A LOT of cereal and milk. They view cereal and milk as a snack. They can easily go through a box a day. Therefore, we ALWAYS run out of cereal and milk before the week is up.)

6. Drinks: Yoohoos.
(When I told them that Yoohoos don't last long enough for as much as they drink them, Jordan had an alternative. Purity or Mayfield chocolate milk. Did you notice how he mentioned the highest priced brands? But, I can't really argue against them wanting milk, now can I?)

7. Orange juice in the carton, NOT the pulp kind.
(Again, VERY specific instructions. lol)

8. Ham & cheese
(Because anytime that they are hungry and I don't want to cook, I tell them to fix a ham sandwich.)

So, what is on your kids' grocery list?


Jeanette said...

Oh that is funny.

Now see, my kids say, "Can I go to the store with you?".

When I get home and am putting things away I'm usually say, "Did I buy this?".

Sue said...

These are a few of my favorite things. Hmmm... am I still a teenager?

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

When Baby Gurl gets spending money, she buys things like GoGurts, Danimal Crush Cups or Lunchables. Why? Because mama doesn't buy these usually...LOL

Sandra said...

Haha! Jordan went with us. He picked up one of those mega Hunt's snack packs (chocolate pudding), and he gave us $5 to get it! lol

I wouldn't have minded buying it, but he had already contributed a lot to our buggy! :)

Sande said...

My grocery list?
Hmmm .... 25kgs wheat berries, 20kg's basmati rice, 15kg rolled oats ....

Sound appetizing yet?

So what do they snack on? Chair legs, the ends of pens, each other ...!

No. Actually they get into the manderines & pecans off the trees, popcorn, left overs, frozen fruit, slices if anyone has bothered and you are right. Cereal and milk which don't grow on trees but in the cow and the Sanitarium factory seconds shop.

Brandy said...

Everytime Amelia goes to the store with me get to the register and discover things like Little Debbie Cakes, Cheetos and Fruit Roll-ups in my buggy. She's so sneaky. I have to watch her at home, though, because she'll eat three or four cakes or roll-ups in a row and then won't be hungry for supper.

Lisa said...

Jimmy bought a 12-pack of Snack Pack pudding today. It never ends. I buy Great Value cereal at Wal-Mart. They can like it or leave it. Store brand milk, too, but I do keep some Hershey syrup here. We spend a fortune on groceries. Wish I could go out and spend that amount of money on something I want!!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

oh yes I once had 2 teenage boys living at home and wow could they go thru the food!!!!!! They are now both in college and when they come home...NOTHING has changed!!!! As soon as they walk in the door they hit the fridge and the cupboards!!! Its funny!!!!

Venus Genetrix said...

I have 7-year-old twins and an 8-year-old and their appetites have increased dramatically over the past year. Now the entire bottom drawer of my fridge is snacks they can eat when they get home from school - string cheese, yogurt, and little packages of Buddig meat. I also always have fruit (usually apples or oranges) and cans of nuts, sometimes granola bars. I wish I had a fridge & freezer big enough to make it possible to buy in bulk! 0_o