Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Current Life, in a Nutshell

Hello! How's life treating you? It's okay here. We still have our ups and downs, as everybody does. I guess we'll make it as long as our ups outweigh our downs. I'm still working at the primary school, but I'm also running a fairly decent business making wooden letters for people. My Etsy shop seems to be doing okay. I have a steady amount of orders coming in. I really hope it continues to grow, and I can continue to do it. Speaking of growing, my little granddaughters are growing like weeds! Millie is now 3, and Maddie is going on 1 1/2. They are precious! And I'm not a bit biased. ;)  Even thought they love Disney movies and Disney princesses, Justin is making sure that they don't miss out on the things he loved as a kid.  He has Millie collecting Pok√©mon cards, and she knows all about The Power Rangers.  Maddie is still a little young for all of that, but rest assured, she will know all about it also. They both pretend like they are Power Rangers. Maddie is very good at stomping her foot down and saying, "Heee-ya!"  It's so funny. I love those little girls SO much!! Justin is hoping to get a good job around Albertville so that they can move over here. Chelsea completed her teaching degree in secondary English last December. Hopefully, they both can get jobs close by. There are just more opportunities for them around this area.

 Jordan and Chase are still in college at Snead State. Chase will be graduating with his Associate's Degree in the spring. He plans to transfer to Jacksonville and go into Computer Information Systems...but I'm not sure if he'll stick with that or not. He really doesn't know what he wants to do, but that sounds the most promising right now. As for Jordan, I just don't know about him. I'm not sure he is taking in seriously right now. He procrastinates on big assignments, and that usually gets him into trouble. He is still in jazz band, which pays for his classes. So that's a major plus.

And then there's my husband, Kevin. He still struggles with mental illness as a manic depressant, and always will. Some days it's hard, for both him and me. I hate those days so much. But I try to relish the good days.

So, that's my life, currently, in a nutshell. I just felt it was time to update and put it all down, even though it's been awhile. I'll get back here and post again one day...hopefully sooner than later.