Friday, May 28, 2010

School on Memorial Day?!! Here We Go Again!

Another Friday night and I made it through another week.  Since the tornado hit, our school year has dragged on and on and on and on.  You get the picture.  We are even having school on Monday, Memorial Day.  Isn't that crazy?!  Student attendance has dwindled down, and I suspect there will hardly be any kids next week.  Our 3rd & 4th grade is having a cookout on Monday, so maybe it won't be so bad working that day, after all.  It should be similar to the Saturday that we worked last week. 

My work has not slowed down.  I've been just as busy as ever.  Purchase orders, budgets, and bills have occupied my time this week.  Then next week it will be receipt books, payroll, and end-of-month reports.  It's a vicious cycle.  I'm very grateful to have a job, and although I gripe and get stressed out sometime, I do enjoy my job. 

We have had it pretty rough since proration hit this year, and it doesn't look promising for the next couple of years.  Pink slips were given out today to some of the non-tenured teachers & aides.  It's always a sad time, but it has become fairly commonplace every year for the past couple of years.  Some of the pink-slip people do get called back before the start of the next school year, but I know that many of them are in limbo wondering if they should look for a job elsewhere or not. 

So, one more week, and the teachers should be gone.  I'll still be there along with just a scant few others, as we work through the summer (what will be left of it, anyway), and then prepare for the next school year.  Summers at school/work are more laid back and not as structured.  There are hardly any interruptions, so I use that time to get caught up on things that are piled in stacks around my office.  I will try to take some time off for vacation this year.  We aren't planning anything big, but I did buy some Six Flags tickets at my credit union today.  We'll have them whenever we decide we need to take off and get away soon.  In fact, that doesn't sound like a bad idea right now!  But, I guess we'll have to wait for just awhile.  Think about me and our school system holding school on Memorial Day when you are out there BBQ-ing and lying out by the pool on Monday.  You're one of the fortunate ones.


Mike Golch said...

there are those that would give any thing to be around on Memorial Day.

Sandra said...

Yes, working or not, too. Thanks for the thought.

Jessica said...

Hi! Thanks for your visit to my blog. :-)
About the color in my family room, I noticed that in the photos the colors look much more washed out for some reason. In real life, the pinks, etc. show up a lot more. As far as color goes, I'm really happy with the restful feeling I've created in this room. I save the stronger colors for other areas of our home. :-)