Sunday, November 1, 2009

How We Spent Our Halloween Night

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.  Seeing some of those little boys dressed up made me miss those day when I carried mine trick-or-treating.  We headed out to Scottsboro last night to see Justin's band play.  All the guys dressed up.  The bass player dressed in a toga costume, the lead guitar player dressed as Super Mario, the singer dressed as the "Fight Club" guy, the keyboard player dressed as a caveman, and Justin dressed as an 80's rocker.  The band, Wild Tangent, plays rock songs.  I think the people at the club wanted to hear some country music.  Wild Tangent does not do country.  So, they rocked on, anyway.  There wasn't a big crowd.  It wasn't a great night.  We left a little early, wishing we had just stayed home.  But, Justin wanted us to come see them, so that's what really mattered.  I think next Halloween we'll just stay around home.  So, how was your Halloween night?

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Sue said...

Sorry you didn't enjoy your evening. I'm sure it was nice seeing your 80's rocker in action at least ;-)

Our evening was busy with trick-or-treaters and then an old friend dropped by to surprise us with her 3 yr old twins.

Have a great week!