Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Afterthoughts

I took down my Christmas tree today. I have most of the decorations all packed up. I still see a few things that I missed, but I needed a break. Taking all that stuff down is hard work! I didn't realize how badly my tree was dried out until I started taking off the lights and all the little green things were hitting the floor. I'll never get all of them up.

Growing up, I had always heard that it was bad luck to take your tree down until after New Year's Day. I began to research this to see when it started, and it appears that there is another old wives' tale out there that says that is is bad luck to leave it up until New Year's. Something about bringing the past into the new year with you, or somethng like that. So, either way, I decided I was in for it. I took it down because I'm ready to get back to normal. We had to rearrange the furniture just to find a place for the tree. So now, I can get back to my normal crafting and decorating.

Enough with all the boring stuff. On to the Christmas pictures:

This year we had a white Chrismas in Northeast Alabama!  I remember that we had a white Christmas in 1989, but that was more of a dusting.  This time it REALLY snowed!!  It was so beautiful.  Just perfect!!

Here's another view.  These two pics were taken at my brother-in-law's house where we had our traditional Christmas Day breakfast.

Here is me with my little family (minus Justin, Chelsea & Millie, who would not be with us until later in the evening).  That's Chase, Hubby Kevin, Moi, and Jordan.

So that covers one side of the family.  More to come later...

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bettyl said...

I go on every year about how white Christmases are overrated, but if I were entirely honest, I wouldn't mind one occasionally! Your's looks perfect!