Friday, December 3, 2010


Dear Blog,
   There's a big football game coming up tomorrow.  We are big Auburn fans in my family.  Tomorrow is the SEC championship game between Auburn and South Carolina.  I'm a bit nervous.  It's going to be a tough game.  Auburn has so much to gain if they can pull this one off.  "We" will get to go play for the national championship.  Auburn really needs that because they never get the respect that they deserve.  And, all this trash talk about Cam Newton is about to get on my last nerve.  He has been such a trooper through all the allegations; holding his head high, and smiling that big beautiful smile.  Fans of other teams mistake that for cockiness.  But, he is one class act, in my book.

My family was fortunate enough to attend an Auburn game this year.  Later that weekend we found out that a boy from the city next to us was killed in a car accident on the way back from that game.  Someone in the family emailed Gene Chizik and Cam Newton to let them know of this terrible tragedy and how big of a fan this young boy was.  This family member told them of one of the last texts that this boy had sent.  It said something like, "Just touched Gene Chizik's hand at Tiger Walk.  I'll never wash it again."  And did you know, both Cam Newton and Gene Chizik replied back to that family member with such kind caring words?  Someone from Auburn athletics came to represent Auburn at the boy's funeral.  These are the stories that you don't hear about.  These are the stories that show you what type of person that someone truly is.

How awesome that a quarterback like Cam can come out at Bryant Denney Stadium to a hostile crowd, amidst all the allegations surrounding him, against vendors selling "SCAM Newton" t-shirts, against a University of Alabama employee playing "Take the Money and Run" and "Son of a Preacher Man" over the loud speaker, against members of Alabama's student section throwing made-up money with his picture on it at him, and Cam shuts them up by bringing his team back from a 24-0 deficit to win the game.  "AU"SOME, I say.  But, of course, I am an Auburn fan, and I would see it that way.  But, the NCAA ruled that Cam is & has been eligible to play.  So, I hope he can lead his team to victory during the SEC championship AND the national championship.


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