Sunday, March 29, 2009

And Baby Makes 3

I've had a very emotional weekend beginning Friday morning when my oldest son, Justin, let me know that his girlfriend was pregnant. From the moment I figured it out, I felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment in knowing that Justin did not realize how much harder life had just gotten for him. I had such high hopes for him, and although he still can succeed at life, things are definitely more complicated now. He thought I would be mad. He was not prepared for me to start crying. A couple of my co-workers came into my office when I was on the phone with him, and they knew that something must be terribly wrong. All I could keep telling them, through my tears, was that Justin had messed up. They hugged me and assured me that things would be okay and that the situation could be worse. After all, Justin is 20 years-old, and his girlfriend, Chelsea is 21. But she is still in college and you know the situation with him if you read my recent post here.

Justin wanted to be the one to tell his dad, but after speaking to Kevin later in the day, I felt like Kevin needed to know before he got home from work. When he did get in, he went straight to bed with an upset stomach. Saturday morning he called Justin downstairs and told him that he loved him, and that we would all get through this together.

Chelsea came to our house and, on Sunday, we all sat down and talked about things that would need to take place. She still hasn't told her parents yet, and I felt like we would have to wait on a few things until she did so. I don't want her parents to think that we were calling all the shots.

One thing is sure, though. She is having the baby, and they will be getting married. They assured us that they love each other very much. Justin said that he knew that she was "the one" when he met her. Justin is now fully aware that he is responsible for 3 lives now and will have to get a job to support them. I have somewhat settled into the idea that my son is going to be a father...and I am going to be a grandmother. Wow. I'm not actually settled into the idea of that second part, but what's done is done.

Please continue to keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. We are definitely going to need them in the coming months. I'll keep you updated along the way.


bettyl said...

Bless your heart. I will keep you in my prayers.

Rachel said...

Wow! I can't imagine what you must be feeling. I hope that Justin, along with your guidance, will have the maturity and responsibilty to do right by his family now! It might seem inappropriate just now, but congratulations.

I wanted to email you, Sandra, about the blog comment you left me yesterday, but can't find your email address. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. It really means more than I can express here, please email me if you ever have time.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Honey, you are in our prayers. It must be a real shock for you, and I'll keep you in my thoughts, praying for the day to come soon when you can find some happiness in it. Even though that seems impossible now.

Once upon a Qpon... said...

I heard about you from Ring Around the Blog. It sounds like you have a pretty mature son for stepping up to the plate and getting a job and getting married. Wow! I know it's hard but a quote I heard one time is so true 'Children are God's missionary's to us."
I will be praying for your family especially the soon to be couple.

Sue said...

I've been working my way down the CWO Blogroll list and came across your site tonight.

I feel so much for what you & your family are going through right now as my sister and her family have been going through exactly the same situation with their 20 year old daughter.

God bless you all with His wisdom in these months (and years) ahead!