Friday, January 7, 2011

Beans in Noses

I know. I've seriously been lacking in the blogger interesting posts category. It seems I've lost my blogger mojo. I knew it. But I pressed on with my boring blog posts. I'm working on getting my mojo back.  So let's try this...

While having lunch with my co-workers today, I thought, "I could write about the funny stories we tell around our lunch table."  So, it just so happened that the topic of our conversation today turned to kids sticking stuff up their noses & then having to go to the emergency room.  We had a neighbor's kid who stuck a rock up his nose one time.  Someone told about sticking beans up their nose.  "Oh look! I have a bean. I wonder if it will fit up my nose...  Uh oh!  Oh no!  I can't get it out!  Mom!!!"  There is no telling how many emergency room visits each year are from foreign objects being stuck up a kid's nose!

We then got to talking about the TV show My Strange Addiction.  And while I failed to watch it when it came on, the ads for it showed a lady who eats Comet cleanser, and one who eats toilet paper.  Well, the ladies at the lunch table admitted to eating bits of paper back during their school days.  One lady said that she used to eat paste.  You remember those little paste bottles with the stick?  Someone even had had a college professor who had admitted to eating dirt...and liking it! It seems that there is a certain place in Alabama that she loves to pull over on the side of the road just to get a taste of that dirt!  Leave it to a college professor!  Most of them are a little strange, anyway. I interjected here how I had heard the saying, "Well, if he's eating dirt, then there must be something in there that he needs." (said in the voice of a little old lady)  lol  I can't say that I have eaten dirt willingly, maybe when I fell and accidentally gotten it in my mouth or something.  Just enough to know that I didn't find it tasty! I do faintly remember making mudpies and barely touching the top and putting it to my mouth.  After all, it was a pie. But, that's as far as it went! I didn't make it a regular meal. ;) 

So, what's the strangest thing that you have eaten?  Do you eat dirt?  Do you find it tasty?! Have you ever stuck beans up your nose?


bettyl said...

I never stuck things where they don't belong, but I do remember liking the taste of school paste--back in the day, yes, with the stick!

Brandy said...

I used to babysit for a kid who stuck one of those tiny Lego pieces up his nose, and I have a cousin who stuck a watermelon seed in her ear. Both of them wound up at the ER for removal of aforementioned items.

When my aunt was pregnant she said she would eat ground coffee straight out of the can, and my best friend from college couldn't eat enough peanut butter, mustard and onion sandwiches while she was pregnant with her first child.