Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Best Birthday Present Ever!!

Let me tell you about the best birthday present that I ever got. It was on Feb. 7, 1989 (my 20th birthday). I had been married almost 2 years. I was pregnant, expecting my first son. I called in sick to work that day. I just needed a break. My husband and I went up to the mall and walked around a bit. Then we went to his grandparents to celebrate my birthday. While there, I started noticing a little trickling going on. I called my mom and his mom, and they both agreed that I should probably go to the hospital. Once there, they checked me and said that my water was breaking. So they kept me. We had a television in that room, and it seemed that every show we watched was about a baby. I remember one show in particular, Alf. Remember it WAS the eighties! Anyway, they finally ended up breaking my water all the way. I delivered a bright-eyed, 8 lb. baby boy. We named him Justin Riley. All the nurses kept going on and on about how alert he was. He had big beautiful eyes. I remember the feeling. It was like when I was a little girl and I got a new baby doll for Christmas. That's JUST what it felt like! I'll never forget it. Well, that baby turned 20 years old today, the exact age I was when I gave birth to him. He still has those big bright eyes (brown now) and he has long brown hair. He has turned into a nice young man. He wants to be a rock star. He plays the drums. He has a band with some of his friends. He still lives at home and attends the nearby community college. I love him so much. After all, he was/is the best birthday present ever.

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Lisa writes... said...

My second son was born on my husband's birthday; my husband's best birthday present ever as well!