Friday, February 27, 2009

My History Teachers Would Be So Proud!

Last Saturday we went to Nashville, Tennessee for a show choir competition. (We won Grand Champions!) Since I have previously posted pics about the show choir here, I'll move on to our trip home.

I never was a history buff in school. It was one of my least favorite subjects. I just saw it as a subject that I had to memorized dates and names just to get me through the next test, and then all would be forgotten. Since I have grown older, I wish I had listened more. But, I did retain a bit of what we learned about back then. I just wish my history classes could have been more "hands on". It would have made it much more interesting to me. I found out just how interesting history can be when we stopped in Franklin, Tennessee on our way home. I challenge you to follow the links and learn more about the Battle of Franklin in the Civil War. This is very interesting stuff, and to actually walk the land where it happened was a bit surreal.

On the way home we stopped in Franklin, Tennessee at the McGavock Confederate Cemetery. It was a very humbling experience to see the plots sectioned off by the states in which the men served. Several sections would state how many "unknowns" were buried there.

We walked further down to the old Carnton House. It served as a makeshift hospital/morgue during the battle of Franklin, which is believed to be the bloodiest 5 hours of the Civil War. The floors of this home are still stained with the blood of the soldiers who were
treated here.

There were rocking chairs on the front porch and 2 of them were rocking ever so slightly...with no breeze blowing. Eeerie!!!

After leaving the Carnton House we ventured a few blocks away to the Carter House. This home was caught in the crossfire of the Battle of Franklin. Look closely at the picture and you can still see the bullet holes in the side of the house. During the battle, the Carter family took refuge in their basement while the fighting raged above them. Read more about this battle here.
(Son, Jordan w/friend, Joshua)

These cannons were on display in the back yard of the Carter House.

This is history the way I like to learn it. I learned more doing this than in all my years of school. So the next time you take an out-of-town trip, check out a few of the historical sites along the way. You will be glad you did!


Alpaca Farmgirl said...

Cool post. I minored in history. Luv it. Thanks for sharing this. We hope to move to TN this year so I'll bookmark this post in case I get off the

jill said...

"Shush" groovy girl don't talk that way!! 8-) have a good one !