Sunday, February 1, 2009

Missing My Moshy :*(

On Monday, January 26, 2009 my sweet little Shih Tsu, Marsh, came up missing. When I got up that morning, I let him go out to potty. He came back in sometime before I left for work. Kevin said that he was in the house when he left for work. But, Kevin had to come back by home to bring Justin a Sprite. It must have been during that time that Marsh went out without Kevin knowing. I came home from work in the afternoon, and my boys said that Marsh was gone. They hadn't seen him since they had gotten home from school. Marsh has stayed outside all day sometimes, but he always comes back. So, I think someone may have gotten him. We checked with the animal catcher all week, but they had not picked him up. We rode around the neighborhood, but there was no sign of him. Tomorrow will be a week that we have been without our sweet little dog. I miss him so much! He was always waiting in the kitchen when I got up early in the morning. He was always so happy to see me. If the door was ever open to my bedroom during the night, I would find him lying in the floor on my side of the bed when I got up. He was a happy, jolly little dog. He loved getting treats. He would stand on his hind legs and spin around for a treat. He and our other dog, Carnell the Chihuahua, would "talk" for us when we came in each day. They did this by howling in unison. It was so endearing. I know that Carnell misses him, too. I just hope that whoever got him is taking good care of him. I know that he wonders what happened to us. Hopefully, one day we will find out what happened to him. But, until then, we will just have to try to move on. Goodbye, Marsh. I love you. You are missed. :*(

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