Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Bright Spot in an Otherwise Dreary Day

I was supposed to be attending a band parent show tonight, but here I sit because the storms rolled in a couple of hours ago. No parent show tonight. So, there won't be one. It's a good thing that I know where Jordan will be, otherwise I would never be able to find him on that field of over 200 marching band members! I really hope that our football jamboree doesn't get rained out tomorrow night. I've really been looking forward to both of these events.

This rain fits the mood that I've been in all day. I have just had the blahs ALL DAY LONG!! And also, I must not have slept very well last night because I have been so sleepy today. I have a weird strain or pull in one of my calf muscles that is annoying me. I don't know WHAT I've done for that to happen! It certainly wasn't caused by exercise!

So, I stopped by the store and got a bag of frozen buffalo chicken strips and some fries. That was our supper. Easy...not necessarily cheap. But, I'm all about easy when it comes to cooking. I hate to stand in the kitchen longer than I have to, which is probably why I hate to cook. Now, I didn't say that I COULDN'T cook. I just said that I HATED to cook! I wish it weren't so, but I can't help it.

I think my blah feeling may be the newness of a the new school year wearing off. I think the reality has hit me. I'm still trying to work out a routine for doing things that need to be done. It is working out better at home than it is at work. Since they have split my huge school into 2 separate schools, I have to make sure that I keep things separate since I do the bookkeeping for both. It has not been as easy as I previously thought, but I feel like I will finally get into the swing of things after a few more weeks.

Justin and Chelsea are coming to spend the weekend with us. Justin has a gig with his band at a local night club Saturday night. I would really like to go see them, but I just don't do night clubs. I may have to make an exception...if I can talk my hubby into going. I'll let you know how THAT turns out! His job is still going well.

My family DID receive some AWESOME news today. Hubby Kevin's dad has been battling bladder cancer for about a year. After undergoing chemo and radiation, his blood work and MRI showed that he is cancer free!! Praise God for this wonderful news!! Kevin's dad is a tremendous man of faith. I have never met anyone like him. He relies on God for ALL his needs. And, God has provided. Thank you, God.


Kathy said...

Sandra, you need to relax, and think, and thank yourself!!! Life is a dream sometimes. I Love Dreaming!!

Anonymous said...

Sandra, Please!! take a couple of hours!! to yourself. Keep taking care of your family. You will be sorry if you don't. They grow up so fast!! Thanks Kathy.

Sandra said...

Great advice! I just may try to have some "me" time over this weekend.

Sandy said...

Great news about Kevin's dad! Relax!

Sande said...

Don't I know that blah feeling... especially after a season of 'happening' or busy.

I believe it's when we have a season of so much stimulus and so much life happening to us where we only need to respond. We become lazy and forget how to initiate, how to happen to life instead of life just happening to us.

Seasons I guess ... the next one is around the corner. Boy, for you that will be baby wont it?

Sandra said...

Sande, I realize now that we have a sort of high feeling when things are buzzing in anticipation of new things going on. I guess it's only natural to have a let dowon after it all gets started. I like what you said about how we should happen to life instead of letting life happen to us. I'll have to remember that. And yes, it won't be long before that baby is here!